Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing

Just to make clear that Ghost Writing has nothing to do with Ghosts who will write for you (pun intended) here’s a description of what Ghost Writing exactly means:

Ghost writing is the process of writing books, blogs, autobiographies, articles, stories etc. by a professional writer which will officially be released in public; in another person’s name.

Ghost writing is very common among celebrities, business establishments, senior executives, politicians, and academic students etc. who generally due to lack of time or other constraints are unable to write for themselves.

 There are many types of Ghost Writing and some of them are:

  • Fictional Ghost Writing

 Fictional ghost writing involves the research and writing of e-books, novels, short stories and articles based on fiction to be released in the name of some famous writer or celebrity.

  • Non-Fictional Ghost Writing

 Non-Fictional writing includes autobiographies, real life stories, books on diet, cooking techniques, religious books, marketing strategies etc. The degree of involvement of a ghost writer in a project differs from client to client. Some projects might require intensive research and writing techniques and some might only require proof reading or editing by ghost writers.

  • Academic Ghost Writing

Ghost writing service is quiet popular amongst the academic sector around the world. School, university and college students employ the services of professional ghost writers to write their term papers, research work, theses, holiday homework etc.

  • Blog Ghost Writing

Blog writing is a growing trend which is exploited by varied groups, communities and individuals for many reasons. Like Business enterprises use blogging as a marketing tool to reach their customers and introduce them their products and services. They hire ghost writers to submit comments and blog entries to various blogs to promote their products. Famous celebrities hire ghost writers to post day to day entries on their blogs in order to stay connected with their fans.

In nutshell, an individual or company requiring research, authenticity, professionalism, effective language which will be officially registered in their own name can hire the services of a ghost writer.

Why choose Us to be your Ghost Writer?

We at are a dedicated team of adept professional ghost writers with experience of ghost writing from different industries. Your brief instructions lay the foundation of our intensive research, style of writing and use of effective keywords while ghost writing for you. Our commitment for clear and effective writing will give your thoughts potent words and proffer you an authentic and unique package.

We offer a wide range of ghost writing services like:

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